Waves (WAVES) charts and information

Fundamental cryptocurrency data

Description Value
Symbol WAVES
Name Waves
Current Difficulty 0
Trading volume of all pairs for this coin 598.07 BTC
Mined coins till now 100,000,000.00 WAVES
Marketcap 113,501.00 BTC
462,743,577.00 USD
391,812,853.29 EUR
3,080,417,140.00 CNY
355,853,512.66 GBP
450,369,813.75 CHF
586,880,557.20 CAD
51,069,615,142.13 JPY
584,190,628.78 AUD
6,105,393,406.07 ZAR
WAVES Prices 0.0011350 BTC
4.6274358 USD
3.9181285 EUR
30.804171 CNY
3.5585351 GBP
4.5036981 CHF
5.8688056 CAD
510.69615 JPY
5.8419063 AUD
61.053934 ZAR
0.00345460 oz GOLD (= 0.10 grams)
0.21930975 oz SILVER (= 6.22 grams)
Official website WAVES Website

Waves description

With OCEAN WAVE you can already feel the ocean breeze, of the luxury life that awaits you. OCEAN WAVE is an NXT based currency backed by a gambling investment fund, the issuer sold coins will be invested in trusted places such as MoneyPot, Betking and Satoshidice. The profits it generates will be used to buy up the currency, ensuring that the price will always grow. This is not a ponzi scheme because only the profit is used to buy up the coins, while the capital will stay safe in the investment wallets generating more. This method ensures that the price will always go up, and that you will become eventually rich, and can live the luxury life you wanted on a beach near the ocean. When that happens you will remember that OCEAN WAVE made you rich!

Trading markets for Waves

Market Pair Price Volume
Bittrex WAVES/BTC 0.00114 BTC 425.9329 BTC
EXMO WAVES/BTC 0.00115 BTC 79.4542 BTC
Liqui WAVES/BTC 0.00116 BTC 26.0594 BTC
Bittrex WAVES/ETH 0.01575 ETH 19.4734 BTC
Liqui WAVES/ETH 0.01592 ETH 15.5672 BTC
Liqui WAVES/USDT 4.69569 USDT 14.5059 BTC
YoBit WAVES/BTC 0.00116 BTC 9.4300 BTC
Livecoin WAVES/BTC 0.00114 BTC 3.8689 BTC
Cryptopia WAVES/BTC 0.00114 BTC 2.4381 BTC
Tidex WAVES/BTC 0.00117 BTC 0.9718 BTC
HitBTC WAVES/BTC 0.00120 BTC 0.2705 BTC
Cryptopia WAVES/LTC 0.11700 LTC 0.0595 BTC
Cryptopia WAVES/USDT 4.50000 USDT 0.0401 BTC
Cryptopia WAVES/NZDT 9.33000 NZDT 0.0022 BTC
NXT Monetary System WAVES/NXT 120.000 NXT 0.0000 BTC
Cryptopia WAVES/UNO 0.14440 UNO 0.0000 BTC
Cryptopia WAVES/DOGE 2,391.6 DOGE 0.0000 BTC