Coinimal – Vienna based BTC / NXT Broker

logoThere’s a new cryptocoin broker in town! Coinimal GmbH is located in the heart of Europe, in Vienna and was founded 2014 by three tech entrepreneurs. After a short verification process you are able to buy BTC, NXT and LTC instantly via SOFORTüberweisung, OBT or EPS. The bought coins are within two minutes in your wallet. New users now get a 5 EUR reward for struggling with the verification – so be quick and grab your free 5 euros ;)

One innovation of Coinimal is the direct integration of the buy process into NXT Supernet and the MyNXT wallet with a plugin. This is in beta now and will be released shortly.

100.000.000 Trades in our database!

The last days we reached the 100.000.000 trades which are stored in our database. Additionally to this amount of single trade data we store more than 1000 trading pairs from 45 different exchanges. Every exchange has its own API which have to be maintenanced very often by me. The work is very time consuming and sometimes frustrating because APIs change out of a sudden but when i see the vast amount of data i collected the past year i am proud of operating this website and i am happy to be able to share this information with the whole cryptocoin community.

Hopefully people are able to honor this work and try to hack the website in the future (which happend the last days/weeks). There are no funds here, just information about exchanges and coins!

Bleutrade Bitcoin Exchange

bleutradeBleutrade is a Bitcoin and Altcoin exchange which launched recently. It caught my attention because it looks more professional than all the other new altcoin exchanges which launched in the last weeks and months. Most of them are poorly designed and you are able to guess the security of the system by how bad the HTML is coded. Unfortunately it doesnt provide a proof of liquidity but the whole system looks well designed and security standards are reasonable, as far as it is really implemented like it is stated on their website.

Beside Bitcoin and many Altcoin trading you get some Coins donated to your account just because you have an account there. Just have a look and register here or look at the bitcoin charts.

Bye bye Mt.Gox

mtgoxbiToday Bitcoin Exchange MtGox made a press release which harmed the whole Bitcoin Network and everybody who is working with it. Price dropped heavily because of FUD spread by MtGox. Under this circumstances we wont promote this company in the future and therefore removed all charts/orderbooks for MtGox from cryptocoincharts. Data is still in our database and maybe we will implement a feature to see the historical charts of this exchange.

I got a lot of positive feedback on twitter for this step. Lets look in a bright bitcoin future with professional exchanges.

NXT Exchanges

nxt_logo_blue_300px2Maybe your already heard something about NXT (Nextcoin) the new 2nd generation altcoin which is based 100% on proof of stake. Because NXT is very new the infrastructur around it is building these days and mostly in beta state. Well known altcoin exchanges like cryptsy, btc-e, bter, vircurex and others havent added Nextcoin because the RPC calls to the wallet dameon are very different than the bitcoin forked alternative cryptocurrencies! I guess this is one reason, the other one may be because its in beta and maybe coins can get lost. Continue reading

Volume distribution by trading pairs on different exchanges

Today i have launched a new feature on v2 called “Volume distribution of trading pairs”. Its a new chart showing all trading pairs of a selected exchange and their BTC volume of the last 30 days. With this graph you are able to see which coin is getting more attention and therefore more trading activity. May be a good indicator for future altcoin shooting stars. You see the chart on each market/exchange info page. Try this for Coined Up.


At the bottom you see a small pane with the same graph. Click in this area and select a period of time. The chart will then zoom to your selection! In this first release i am only showing xxx/BTC trading pairs. Next step is to show also USD/EUR/xxx trading pairs.

DOGEcoin is going crazy

dogecoinYou may have already heard about Dogecoin if you browse the bitcointalk forum or any other cryptocoin board. The main DOGE thread on bitcointalk was started at December 08, 2013. Now nine days after it has already 158 pages and more dan 250,000 views! This is crazy if you compare the page count and views of the other well know altcoins like Peercoin, Feathercoin or Worldcoin.

Now while Bitcoin prices are going down it might be a good idea to grab some cheap Dogecoins.