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Bleutrade Bitcoin Exchange

bleutradeBleutrade is a Bitcoin and Altcoin exchange which launched recently. It caught my attention because it looks more professional than all the other new altcoin exchanges which launched in the last weeks and months. Most of them are poorly designed and you are able to guess the security of the system by how bad the HTML is coded. Unfortunately it doesnt provide a proof of liquidity but the whole system looks well designed and security standards are reasonable, as far as it is really implemented like it is stated on their website.

Beside Bitcoin and many Altcoin trading you get some Coins donated to your account just because you have an account there. Just have a look and register here or look at the bitcoin charts.

Bye bye Mt.Gox

mtgoxbiToday Bitcoin Exchange MtGox made a press release which harmed the whole Bitcoin Network and everybody who is working with it. Price dropped heavily because of FUD spread by MtGox. Under this circumstances we wont promote this company in the future and therefore removed all charts/orderbooks for MtGox from cryptocoincharts. Data is still in our database and maybe we will implement a feature to see the historical charts of this exchange.

I got a lot of positive feedback on twitter for this step. Lets look in a bright bitcoin future with professional exchanges.